donderdag 11 augustus 2011

Gewoon leuk....

Many starts, Mini Finishes

There once was a quilter named Min,
Whatever she'd see, she'd begin.
A large quilt, a small quilt,
A doll quilt, a wall quilt.
"I'll finish these later," said Min.

"Now what shall I start on today?
I guess it will be applique.
Some birds in a group,
I'll frame with a hoop.
Today, though, I'll put them away.

I think I will make a new vest,
In silk, or cotton would be best --
Trapunto I'll do,
Then Sunbonnet Sue!
But now I will give them a rest.

A tote bag I've wanted to sew,
And then I'll try quilt-as-you-go.
A radiant Star
For next year's bazaar --
Just when they'll be done, I don't know.

For Christmas I've got projects galore --
A tree skirt, a wreath for the door.
I'll make a soft box,
And red quilted socks,
And what's not completed, I'll store."

"Is anything finished?" asked Son.
Her answer could only be, "None."
So, Min made a vow:
She would not allow
More new projects -- well, maybe just one.

(Author: Bee Neeley Kuckelman)